Motoring 10,000+ Miles in Support of the Children’s Wish Foundation!

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My goal is to raise $10,000: that represents $1 for every mile I’m driving and is enough to grant a child’s wish!

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About the Trip

It’s been my dream since 8 years old to drive across the country.  Everything fell into place this year with a cross-country MINI USA trip called MINI Takes the States departing from San Francisco across the country to Boston.  But first I have to get to San Francisco.  You can take the easy route which is a diagonal from Toronto, Canada or you can take the route you’ve dreamt of since 8 years old.

The choice for me was easy and I am ecstatic to be living my dream!

But not everyone gets a chance and even a choice.  It breaks my heart that kids are facing life-threatening and often terminal illnesses at such young ages.  Their minds are active and they are dreaming about being an astronaut, going to Disney, and exploring the world.  Just like I did at 8 years old.  And to have that bubble burst by a medical condition is heartbreaking.  To make even one child’s wish come true.  To see that smile on their face.  To relieve some stress from their parents.  That is why I’m doing this.  I want to create a lasting memory for the child’s family for years to come and ensure that regardless of the outcome of the child’s illness, at least they have the memory of a once in a lifetime adventure.

I did research and it was a clear decision to choose to contribute to the Children’s Wish Foundation (Canada).  My drive is in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation.  The foundation says it takes approximately $10,000 to fulfill a child’s wish (they go all out and family members are invited to join the child, not just one parent chaperone).

Children's Wish Foundation

My drive is just over 10,000 miles (close to 20,000 KMs) and my goal is to raise $10,000 – $1 for every mile motored.  Will you help me bring a smile to a child’s face?


I’m motoring in a 2013 MINI Cooper S convertible!  Her name is STELL4 and she is my 4th MINI.  She just received a vinyl wrap courtesy of the incredible team at RESTYLE IT (located in Markham, Ontario, Canada) using an exclusive Arlon Automotive colour!  You can read more about my MINI adventures on my blog since 2005: Confessions of a MINIac


Get in Touch!!

If we meet on my travels, please get in touch to say hello and I'd love if you can share any photos you snap of you and your family with my MINI! I have a collection starting so far! Glad my car puts a smile on your faces!